Fragile yet powerful

A girl stares deeply into your eyes. A rare look. Mainly hidden behind her ‘safe’ sunglasses, she reveals her fascinating eyes. A fragile yet powerful look, memorized in your head. Silencing your mind for moment.

A glance to remember


Sometimes you get a glance from somebody that will stop you heart for a split second before it will fade in time. I managed to catch that unique hypnotising look and painted it on canvas.


3D canvas

This work is made on a 4 cm thick frame measuring 100 by 120 cm. 6 layers of paint, white, numerous shades of grey and dark black. Splattered by hand with great care. The canvas is painted on every side, resulting in an infinite look from every viewing angle. No frame, but a borderless connection with the wall and the interior.



Unique painting. Made and signed by Freek Heijkers. No prints, copies or other bullshit.

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