Dynamic abstract

I tried a different approach

After making a lot of portraits using multiple techniques and styles it was time for something new. I took a pen and lots of paper and started drawing. Shapes, lines, figures. Straight from the mind to the tip of the pencil onto the paper.

And that's how 'Project Perpetual' started.

Start small

I started the process with drawing my idea’s on a small scale. Using special markers with a certain millimetre fine tip. When I’m satisfied with the lines, I choose the right colours and start with the real deal on canvas.

Make it big

Changed the small markers for bigger dripssticks and added some colour.


3D canvas

The painting is made on a 4cm thick frame measuring 100 by 120 cm. Every line goes around the corner resulting in a 180 degrees viewing angle. No boring sides or a dull frame but an infinite canvas.

Let your mind wander


The organic like shapes seem to move when you look at the painting for a while. This changing effect gives the opportunity to let your mind wander for a moment.

For sale


Unique painting. Made and signed by the artist himself. No prints, copies or other bullshit.

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Project Perpetual

This painting is part of a series